Course Name
Anthropologies of Water: On Meaning, Value, and Futures

This class delves into the topic of water from an anthropological perspective by thinking of water not only as resource but also as meaningful substance, symbol, and mediator of human and non-human relations. Class will consist mainly of discussions of ethnographic readings but also of hands-on class exercises, field-trips, and auto-ethnographic work. In some years, class might consist of one required field trip outside of class time (weekends and/or Reading Week) with additional travel costs that students will be required to pay through ancillary fees. See Anthropology department website for more details. In some years, students may additionally have the option of participating in an international learning experience during Reading Week that will have an additional cost and application process. [24S]


ANT358H5 and ANT364H5 strongly recommended. Priority may be given to those who have these courses depending on class enrollment.