Course Name
utmONE: Science of Learning

This interdisciplinary course encourages students to take ownership of their education through a focus on the process of learning how to learn and by cultivating the habits of mind for lifelong achievement and success. Students will explore theories of learning and research on the strategies students should employ to reach deep understanding. "Science of Learning" is designed to help students develop their critical thinking, university-level oral and written communication, critical reading, and other foundational academic skills. As part of this course students will participate in a series of tutorials that will help them build foundations for academic success (such as understanding the value of higher education, developing a growth mindset, and finding passion). [24L, 12T]

UTM110H5 or UTM111H5 or UTM112H5 or UTM114H5 or UTM115H5 or UTM116H5 or UTM117H5 or UTM119H5 or UTM190H5 or UTM191H5 or UTM192H5 or UTM193H5 or UTM194H5 or UTM195H5 or UTM196H5 or UTM197H5